Fow Travel Awards 2023

Here comes the first contest that rewards the traveler!

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Fow Travel Awards 2023

FOW, if you are going to travel, take us with you!

When you start preparing to travel the first thing you have to do is download FOW!, the app that you must have. Now available in your app store!

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What is FOW?

FOW is an application created and designed exclusively for the traveler. If you are one of those who travel alone but you would also like to find people in your same situation, or if you are accompanied by your partner or friends, why not buck up to meet other travelers and share some tapas in Spain, have a picnic in front of the tower Eiffel, or tour the Chinese wall together.

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A very simple way to share the best moments of your life.

Fow is very easy to use, you just have to register, upload your trip and we will take care of telling you which people will match your destinations. You can chat, put meeting points, even create a group chat with all the people who are in the same destination.

We will provide you with many tools to assemble and diagram your trip with the best tips, you will be able to make reservations from our application, manage and have all the information in one place. In FOW you will also find virtual forums to exchange opinions and experiences with other travelers.

If you are planning a trip, being at the airport looking for the boarding gate or if you already found yourself fulfilling your dream in a wonderful city this is the ideal time to start using FOW! Good trip!

We connect travelers around the world


    Be part of the largest community of travelers linking your Facebook or Instagram account.


    Upload your travel itinerary, add your destinations, countries and cities, clarifying the length of stay you will be in each place.


    Find out about travelers with whom you will coincide on your trip. You can see their Facebook profile, the scores that other people have given them, and chat with them privately.


    Fow allows you to add friends, even put together a group chat with all the travelers that match a same destination.


    Based on your itinerary, Fow offers you a list of guides, registered and experienced, as well as professional photographers to make your trip an unforgettable memory.


    Find the best prices on flights and hotels, endless options adapted for you and your destinations.

Download FOW and change the way you travel!

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